Amazfit Band 5
Amazfit Band 5
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Amazfit Band 5

৳ 2,499.00

  • Dimensions. 47.2 x 18.5 x 12.4mm.
  • Weight. 24g (with strap) and 12g (without strap)
  • Body material. Polycarbonate.
  • Strap material. Skin friendly TPU.
  • Strap length. 162-235mm.
  • Strap width. 15.55mm.
  • Waterproof rating3 5 ATM.
  • Display. 1.1″ full color AMOLED, resolution 126×294.

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The vertical, rectangular polycarbonate body is home to a 1.1in AMOLED display with a button placed underneath. This is the only control available other than the touchscreen itself, so the chassis is smooth and unencumbered by switches or ports. Gadgets By Dihan

A TPU strap is attached by sliding the Amazfit body into the loop at the centre of the rubber strip, making it easy to remove, clean and replace. Interestingly, the Xiaomi Mi band 5 straps are compatible with this device, further increasing the similarities.

The strap is fastened by sliding it through a hoop at one end and pressing the rubber clip into one of the holes on the other length. The 162-235mm range means that those with smaller wrists will find it a bit loose unless you’re willing to make a few holes of your own. It also lacks the security of a double loop like on the Samsung Galaxy Fit, so catching the Amazfit Band 5 on something could see it leaving your wrist in a hurry.

Flipping the device over reveals a panel with various sensors, plus the twin charging plates for the included magnetic, but sadly proprietary, charger.

While the Amazfit Band-5 Fitness Tracker does a fine impersonation of the Mi Band 5, and shares many of the same features, the former offers a more complete package for only a marginally increased cost.
DisplayGadgets By Dihan

The display is bright and clear when used indoors or at the gym (remember those?), but we did have to boost it right up to the maximum brightness to be able to read it outside in bright sunlight. There’s no automatic brightness setting, probably due to the lack of an ambient sensor, so you’ll need to adjust as you go.

Notifications and app controls:

Due to a painful back injury that curtailed my ability to exercise about half way through the review, I had time to explore more of the non-fitness features on the Amazfit Band 5. There’s a decent amount on offer, with general notifications of text messages, WhatsApp communications, alarms, reminders, control over music, podcast or audiobook apps (replete with volume adjustments – hurrah!), alongside weather reports, and upcoming events from your calendar.

Gadgets By Dihan

Probably the weirdest thing on offer is being able to use the band as a remote control for the camera on your smartphone. Just open the camera app and set it up ready to capture the image, then tap the shutter button in the camera section of the band and bob’s your uncle. No idea what you’d need it for, but it’s a fun thing to have on-board.

Tracking Activity With The Amazfit Band-5 Fitness Tracker:

Step counting is front and centre on the default watch screen. Just above the time, with a small footstep icon, is a running total of the steps you take in a day along with a ring that slowly fills up as you approach whatever your target is. It’s simple but effective.

The workout section presents 11 eclectic options to track: outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, indoor cycling, elliptical, yoga, jump rope, walking, rowing machine, pool swimming and the catch-all freestyle.

Charging and Battery life:

The Amazfit Band 5 is powered by 125mAh li-ion polymer battery which according to the company should take you about 15 days on average use. The device is charged by a 2-pin magnetic charger similar to that of the Mi Band 5. When I took it for a spin, I was able to hit about 10 days without charge which is still impressive. The battery life is going to be determined by the features you turn on. For instance continuous heart rate monitoring and PAI will drain the battery a lot faster.

The other Amazfit Band features include stress monitoring, breathing exercises, PAI vitality index, women period cycle tracking among other. We have already talked about them in detail here.



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