AKG N28 Earphones 3.5mm Audio Jack Earphones
AKG N28 Earphones 3.5mm Audio Jack Earphones
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AKG N28 Earphones 3.5mm Audio Jack Earphones

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AKG N28 Earphones 3.5mm Audio Jack Earphones

  • The biggest advantage of AKG-N28 is that the microphone is attached on the wire, very convenient for conversation. In addition, there are 3 adjustable mechanical keys to help users increase or decrease the sound directly in the headset without using the phone.
  • Outstanding product with outstanding sound quality: Mid – Bass has quite thick force, show quite clearly the sound details and please even the most demanding music listeners with the high notes sound
  • AKG N28 will give users a bass-rich listening experience, AKG sound engineers have been very sophisticated. through the Bass vents to improve the volume of the bass range. Mid-bass has quite a thick force and is another highlight of AKG’s characteristic
  • In terms of treb, the N28 feels quite attractive, The detail is shown quite clearly when playing games or watching movies. For those who listen to music, AKG N28 also please the most demanding people with the high notes.
  • Bass and treb range will bring attractive mix. Interestingly, users can “turn” when sad and another point is that the headset is quite tight when wearing little noise from the outside
  • Undeniable quality of AKG headphones and AKG headphones – N28 once again asserted this brand. With its design and quality, the product is definitely a perfect choice for young people who love contemporary music

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