Deerma juice Blender 300ml Deerma juice Blender 300ml
Deerma juice Blender 300ml Deerma juice Blender 300ml
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Deerma juice Blender 300ml Deerma juice Blender 300ml

৳ 2,990.00


  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Model: DEM-NU30
  • Power: 45W
  • Working Voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging Voltage: 5V DC
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Rotating Speed: 16000rpm
  • Charging Time: 3h

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Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NU30 300ml Portable Electric Juicer Blender

  • Simple DIY, get delicious:
    Not only can you make fresh juice, milkshakes, and soft food supplements, but the machine can also stir evenly into brewed drinks to improve the deliciousness and taste of food, and make it more nutritious and healthy. It’s time to say goodbye to high-sugar milk tea and drinks with unknown ingredients!
  • Wireless use for outdoor:
    No need to worry about outdoor sockets and wires, it can be used wirelessly outdoors, making a cup of fresh juice very easy. You can quickly make a cup of fresh juice in 45 seconds, which is shorter than the queue time and will not take up your leisure time.
  • Portable and good-looking:
    Enjoy the sight first, then taste, it will be more delicious. The white transparent cup is designed for this. The size is as normal as a water cup, and it can be easily put into the bag. It is an excellent alternative for a water cup.
  • USB fast rechargeable:
    It is compatible with any power supply device with USB port, such as car adapter, computer or mobile power supply, etc. You can travel around the world without worrying about any charging issues. The battery life of 1500mAh supports 6 – 8 cups of juice. Fully charged in 3 hours.
  • Food grade materials:
    Equipped with food-grade 304 stainless knife, it can repeatedly cut and stir fruit and vegetables. The cup body, BPA free, is made of PC material that can be contacted by food and can be safely used to hold juice or baby food. The whole juicer can be washed directly. For safety, the internal stainless steel knife is a hidden design, which can help you avoid being cut during cleaning.
  • Rotating speed up to 16000rpm:
    16000rpm high-speed rotation creates a whirling impact space, multi-directional repeated cutting and stirring, small ice cubes can also be broken. Each fresh fruit is ground thoroughly with a sharp blade to obtain a smooth silky texture.
  • Safety settings to keep away from accidents:
    Stop working when opening the lid, 45s automatic power-off, overcharge, over-discharge, double-click to open safely, all of these have been achieved, technically solving the security problem. The whole machine is sealed, you can put it in the bag without any water leakage.


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