KZ AZ09 TWS EarHook
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KZ AZ09 TWS EarHook

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  • Brand: KZ
  • Model: AZ09
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Bluetooth range: 15m
  • Ear hook weight: 4.5g (single)
  • Weight of charging case: 85g
  • Ear hook battery capacity: 50mA
  • Charging case battery capacity: 800mA
  • Suitable for KZ-ZSX/ZSN/ASX/ZSIO Pro/DQ6/ZSN pro/ZSN Pro X/ and other earphones
  • This product is for Bluetooth upgrades only. Sold without earphones

Cash On Delivery Inside Dhaka, Pay full amount in advance for outside Dhaka

  • Order before 12 pm to process the order on the same day.
  • Guaranteed Delivery within 48 hours.


KZ AZ09 TWS HD Bluetooth Ear hook:

TWS high-definition Bluetooth upgrade earhooks, support AAC audio encoding transmission, professional sound quality comes from the dual protection of chip blessing and AAC advanced encoding capabilities. Adopt AAC advanced audio coding transmission technology to greatly improve the quality of hearing and bring natural and clear sound.

The earhook battery capacity is 50mA, the charging compartment battery capacity is 800mA, the earhook can be used for about 6 hours when it is fully charged, and the charging compartment can last 7 times. Small body, multiple core functions.

Using RTL8753 Bluetooth 5.2 chip, transmission is more stable, high-performance mode. Compared with the 5.0 version of the chip, the power consumption is lower and it brings longer battery life. 2PIN pluggable design, 0.75mm gold-plated pin, the earphone can be turned into a wireless earphone in seconds, getting rid of the wire shackles.

Ergonomic design. The structure is optimized according to the contour of the outer ear, and the design is ergonomic. Reduce weight and improve wearing comfort. High-purity oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire is used inside the earhook to ensure the lossless transmission of audio signals.

Eliminate conventional single host, dual-channel transmission, lower latency, two earhooks can be connected to the same mobile phone at the same time, earhooks can be used individually. When you are ready to enter the game, press the button on the earhook three times to enter the high-performance game mode. The sound signal is transmitted faster.


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